Our Story

About Minterior

Play is undoubtedly one of the most important times in a child’s life. Children have the innocent ability to sweep their minds away to an alternate universe of love, adventure, and drama. In an instant, children can live themselves into each fantasy, truly expressing what their creative minds are capable of creating from a mere idea or dream.

Every adult and elder on this Earth used to be a child, and the impact child’s play makes has been proven time and time again – even once we have reached adulthood. Minterior believes that children should be encouraged to play for as long as possible, which is why we’re creating furniture that resonates with children from the tender age of four and beyond.

With our realistic, aesthetically pleasing designs, parents can be proud to feature such a fundamental part of their kids’ lives in their home.


Who are We?

Founded in beautiful British Columbia, Minterior carefully handcrafts and curates modern dollhouse furniture and décor for the young creative minds around the world. We want to ensure that each child gets the opportunity to make incredible, magical, and imaginative memories that last forever. We all have special memories from childhood play that we hold dear, and our dream is to make design a unique and joyous part of kids’ childhood memories.

Each piece of furniture we sell is made from the highest quality materials, not to mention state-of-the-art contemporary designs – some of which stem from design collaborations with other female artisans, a big focus being on local Canadian artisans. To us, dollhouse furniture is not just about placing a chair and a sofa into a wooden box; it’s about encouraging children to dream beyond what was formerly possible. We want them to live in their own modern world – even if it’s through their dolls.


About the Founder

Welcome to Minterior! I am an artist, craftsperson and mum of two beautiful children based in Vancouver, Canada. I am of Sri-Lankan heritage and am originally from London, UK, with a background in fine art and design.

As a child, I always enjoyed playing with my dolls – much like any other little girl or boy. When I was young, I had to make do with my imagination, using cardboard boxes as dollhouses and sweet wrappers as curtains.

In today’s modern world, however, there are many more possibilities. We as adults and parents want to give our children the incredible accessories, toys, and opportunities we never had.

This is where the idea of Minterior was conceived.  For Christmas 2018, I combined my love for interior design and art to renovate a dollhouse for my son and daughter. I struggled to find anything that I really liked when it came to furnishing the house, and to save on costs, I chose to handcraft most of the pieces for their dollhouse. This is where my true love affair started with miniatures. And the rest really is history!

So, welcome to my modern contemporary shop where you and your child can feast your eyes on the perfect dollhouse furniture, carefully curated to bring as much joy to your child as to your own imagination.

From my designs, into your comfortable dollhouse, with love!